What kind of sticker material do you use and what is your printing quality like?
• We use a permanent matte sticker. We only do high quality printing using a professional / commercial digital printer– plus our ink is waterproof too. Try it to believe it!

How long is your processing time?
• Our processing time is about 3-5 business days. During sales and events, it may take up to 6 business days. But we try our best to send out your orders asap!

How do you ship your items?
• Stickies are sent via USPS First Class Postage (Stamp) and do not have a tracking number. For international, this means no customs tax.
*In our past experiences, we have had plenty of problems with packages getting lost (even with tracking numbers), and as such, have decided to do a different approach. Sending through postage stamps have made our deliveries faster and more secure ever since.

But I want a tracking number. Is that possible?
• Yes! You have the option to upgrade to tracking upon checkout.

How much is the shipping fee?
• For stickers, shipping is a flat rate of $3 within USA and $5 everywhere else no matter how many sheets, so make the most out of it! The flat rate shipping includes postage, packaging, and handling costs.
• Shipping fees for other items vary.

Shipping doesn’t match the exact cost of the postage. Why?
• Since shipping fee is a flat rate, it will be the same no matter how many sheets you order. So if your order is heavier than usual, you will not be charged extra for the additional postage. The rate already includes the packaging and handling costs as well.

How long do deliveries take?
• USA: 2-5 business days
• International: 10-30 business days
Holidays not included. Please take note that there may be delays during the Christmas season and other major holidays.

Is it possible to combine orders to save on shipping?
• In some cases yes we can do that. If we notice that more than one order was made on the same fulfillment batch, we will contact the buyer and ask if they want to combine the shipping and choose another item in exchange for the shipping cost. If your new order was placed within 24 hours of your first order, and your first order hasn’t been shipped yet, you can email us to request combined shipping. Please do not leave a note in your order for this as we pack orders from oldest to newest, so we may not see them in time. However there are no guarantees that we can fulfill your request because sometimes your order might have already been fulfilled, packed, and stamped even though it hasn’t been shipped yet. If it has been more than 24 hours, we might not be able to do that.

My order hasn’t arrived yet! What now?
• If your order hasn’t arrived within the estimated delivery time, please wait one more week for it in case there were any delays within the post office and/or if it will be rerouted back to us. You can also ask your local post office if they are holding mails for you. If it still hasn’t showed up, you will be asked to cover for the shipping fee for a resend. In cases where your package was undeliverable and was sent back to us (maybe due to a bad address), you will also be asked to cover for the shipping fee for the resend.

Do you accept custom / personalized orders?
• Depends! Please send us a message and we’ll take it from there.

Do you have any coupon codes?
• Yes, we do have some in Instagram and Youtube. Sometimes our Facebook group has exclusive coupons so make sure you join!

Where are you located?
• We are located in San Francisco, California, USA.

If you have other questions that aren’t listed here, feel free to contact us!