Stickies Reward Points

What are reward points?
We like to give back to our customers for their support of our shop! This is a program where customers can earn points simply by purchasing products, which then can be used as a discount towards their next purchases.

Please note that only customers with an account are eligible to earn points– guest checkouts are not eligible.

How can I earn points?
Points are earned by purchasing items thru this website. The number of points depends on your total purchase. For every $1 spent, you earn 1 point. 50 points gives you a $5 discount. The points will be credited to your account once your order is marked as shipped.

How do I redeem points?
On your 2nd purchase, once you have everything you need in your cart AND if you have 50+ points,  there will be a notification at the top where it says “You can apply x points to get x discount“. You have the option to apply the points/discount towards your current order, or accumulate your points for a bigger discount next time.

There will always be a minimum of 50 points in order to use them towards your order. (For example, you used up your 50 points, so it’s back to 0. If you earn 38 points next, you won’t be able to use those until it reaches 50.)

Where can I check my points status?
You can view your points in your account dashboard.