Hi! We’re 3 sisters: Christine, Sheryl, and Sheena.

Stickies by C&S is a collection of original stickers designed for your daily dose of cute & fun! Handcrafted in California. We do high-quality printing using water-resistant ink, so none of that smudging when you accidentally get them wet, because we know life happens.

We started out back in 2007 as an online stationery company, C&S Designs, and designed different items before focusing on our bestselling product– the Design Your Life® Planner. We found our passion in creating and sharing organization tools to help girls achieve their dreams, goals, and all while keeping these memories close to heart. Since then, we’ve been developing the planner and have expanded to create a line of Design Your Life® Planners (available here). We currently have 3 planners that cater to different types of personalities and market. Learn more about them at http://cnsdesigns.com.ph!

As the planner community grew and evolved, planner stickers became a staple in our everyday planning. We knew we wanted to create stickers– both decorative and functional– to share the joy of planning with others. Thus, Stickies by C&S was born. Our mission is to spread happiness with our designs and make planning fun and interesting. Everything in the shop is passionately designed by us; no clip art is used, and that’s what makes Stickies by C&S unique.