What kind of sticker material do you use?
• For our kits, we use a white matte sticker.
• For everything else, we use a matte sticker that is quite different compared to others– they’re smudge and blot-proof! Nothing happens when it gets wet! They’re also quite thin so they don’t add bulk to your planner.

How long is your processing time?
• Our processing time is about 2-4 business days. During sales and events, it may take up to 5 business days. But we try our best to send out your orders asap!

How do you ship your items?
• Stickies are sent via USPS First Class Postage (Stamp) and do not have a tracking number. For international, this means no customs tax.
*In our past experiences, we have had plenty of problems with packages getting lost (even with tracking numbers), and as such, have decided to do a different approach. Sending through postage stamps have made our deliveries faster and more secure ever since.

But I want a tracking number. Is that possible?
• Yes, send us a message first so we can upgrade the shipping fee for you.

How much is the shipping fee?
• Shipping is a flat rate of $3 for stickers ($1.50 for greeting cards and $3.75 for stamps) within USA and $5 everywhere else no matter how many sheets, so make the most out of it! The flat rate shipping includes postage, packaging, and handling costs.

How long do deliveries take?
• USA: 2-5 business days
• International: 10-30 business days
Holidays not included. Please take note that there may be delays during the Christmas season and other major holidays.

My order hasn’t arrived yet! What now?
• If your order hasn’t arrived within the estimated delivery time, please wait one more week for it in case there were any delays within the post office and/or if it will be rerouted back to us. If it still hasn’t showed up, you will be asked to cover for the shipping fee for a resend. In cases where your package was undeliverable and was sent back to us (maybe due to a bad address), you will also be asked to cover for the shipping fee for the resend.

Do you accept custom / personalized orders?
• Depends! Please send us a message and we’ll take it from there.

Do you have any coupon codes?
• Yes, we do have some in Instagram and Youtube. Sometimes our Facebook group has exclusive coupons so make sure you join!

Where are you located?
• We are located in San Diego, California, USA.

If you have other questions that aren’t listed here, feel free to contact us!